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Flatware - Our exclusive focus is dedicated to Flatware.  That is all we sell.  That is all we focus on.  Flatware, plain and simple.

Why just flatware?

Because we believe that the shopping experience for any product is difficult enough.  Every site out there offers every possible product...and it is hard enough to find exactly what you are looking for - especially at the best price.  That's where OnlineStainless comes in.  All we focus on is flatware - plain and simple.  It may not be that grand of a site - but when you come looking for stainless steel flatware - you will be glad you found us.

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Best Flatware Prices - Guaranteed

We search the internet constantly to make sure we are the lowest priced flatware available.  We work with every major manufacturer to make sure we carry every available flatware pattern made.  Like we said, flatware, plain and simple.  If you see a lower price, let us know.  We will try and match it - or let you know if it is a close out offer.

All the flatware we sell is brand new, first quality.  The exact same as you will find in any department store in the country.  In fact, we may sell more flatware than most of the department stores in the country.

Best Possible Flatware Selection

Whether registering for your bridal shower, or simply looking to purchase some updated flatware, a little pre-shopping research will help make the process more efficient. There are hundreds of styles of flatware patterns to choose from, not to mention the essential add-on accessories. How do you know what pieces to choose or how many settings to purchase?

Flatware is often sold in five-piece packages for a proper table setting. Each package, also called a place setting, contains one salad fork, one dinner fork, a knife, a teaspoon and one tablespoon. These five elements are the core components of an elegantly set dinner table. But if you're starting your own collection of stainless flatware, there are other pieces that should not be overlooked. While these pieces of flatware are used less often, by no means are they any less purposeful.

Among the most frequently used flatware accessories you'll find the serving spoon, gravy ladle and salad servers. While these items don't come packaged with flatware settings, it is important to include them as part of your collection. Pastry servers and sugar spoons may be used less often but are a requirement in any complete flatware setting.

How many settings do you need? At Online Stainless we recommend always erring on the side of caution. Register or purchase no less than eight settings, but a full set of 12 is highly recommended. While 12 may seem a bit high, they will undoubtedly get used over your lifetime at family gatherings, national holidays and other high-attendance events. 

You found click on our flatware patterns and see for yourself why our focus on flatware is to your advantage.




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