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Formal / Proper Table Setting - Etiquette 



The one unbreakable rule for how to set a dinner table is that everything must be geometrically spaced - all places must be at equal distances, and all sterling silver flatware balanced.

Formal Table Setting Etiquette

A:  Napkin B:  Service Plate
C:  Soup bowl on plate D:  Bread and butter plate w/ butter knife
E. Water glass F:  White wine
G:  Red wine H:  Fish fork
I:  Dinner Fork J:  Salad fork
K:  Service knife L:  Fish knife
M:  Soup spoon N:  Dessert spoon and cake fork

The silverware used at a formal table setting should be sterling silver flatware.  It is not necessary that all the sterling silver match, although all forks or all spoons should be of the same pattern.  Dessert sterling silver flatware, which is not brought to the table but is brought in with the desert plates, need not match the dinner flatware.  Knives and forks should match.


The distance between places at the table set must never be so short that guests have no elbow room.  About two feet from plate center to plate center is ideal.  If the chairs have narrow and low backs, people can sit much closer together.  The service plates are first put around the table at equal distances.  The sterling silver flatware is placed in the order of its use, with the implements to be used first farthest from the plate.  The salad fork is placed next to the left of the plate, then the meat fork.  Just to the right of the plate is the salad knife and on the outside is the meat knife.  The cutting edge of each toward the plate.  Outside the knives are the soup spoon.  Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the dessert plate just before dessert is served.

If bread or rolls are to be served, a butter plate should be used.  The butter plate is located above the forks at the left of the place setting.   The butter knife is laid across it, slightly diagonally from upper left to lower right, with the sharper edge of the blade toward the edge of the table.

The wineglasses chosen for the formal table setting depend upon the menu, but their table setting arrangement is according to size, so that little ones are not hidden behind large ones.  Place them directly above the knives in a straight row slanting downward from the upper left.  Generally only one - at the most, two - wines are served, so a water goblet and one (or two) wineglasses are all that are necessary.  Frequently wine is not served at all, and iced-tea glasses or simply tumblers for water or mugs for beer are used.  

If you plan to serve coffee with the meal, the cup and saucer go to the right of the setting, with the coffee spoon on the right side of the saucer.  

Follow the above rules and your formal table setting will always fit proper dinner table etiquette.

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